Lights, camera, action…

This mid life crisis of mine is fairly steaming along.  So far I’ve danced naked in the rain, had a post divorce haircut, sung karaoke with a 7 foot drag queen, tried my hand at pottery, joined a dating site, taken up running, had a go at Burlesque, returned to ballet, climbed a mountain and started this blog.  Not too bad I’d say.

Limp, lisp and a lazy eye

The online dating thing is actually going pretty well.  Chatting with a friend about the challenges I’d had using Match she recommended Tinder.  I’d heard all the horror stories of it being just for hook ups and thought it’d be completely cheesy and sleazy.  She assured me it wasn’t like that anymore so I thought I’d give it a whirl.  I have to say I’ve been pleasantly surprised, as the chaps I’ve spoken to are delightful…well some of them.  Some are just plain odd and quite why they feel I’d like to see a photograph of that I don’t know, and if I did I’d want to see it lit properly and from a much more flattering angle!

I must say don’t swipe left and right with hayfever.  I sneezed and accidentally swiped right on a complete muppet dressed as Santa!

I’m getting better at the banter and if funny is the new sexy I must be a complete babe, as apparently I’m a riot.  Once you get chatting to folk it doesn’t take long to see whether you have any common interests or if you’d at least like to find out more.  I’ve been chatting to a few folk and one in particular who seems lovely.  At the moment we’re ‘penpals’ and I’m comfortable with that.   I shall keep you posted.  The boys think it’s hilarious and my friends are convinced I’m talking to folk with a limp, a lisp and a lazy eye.  Time will tell!

What has come up time and again is how windswept and interesting other people’s lives appear to be.  I feel terrifically dull when asked what I’ve got planned for the week and all I can say is work and housework, so this week I joined a Film and TV extras agency!

Lights, camera, action

I was called in to have my photos taken, or headshots as they’re known in the biz (check me being a luvvie!).  The agent was lovely and teen 2 worked with the agency when he was first starting out so I know they’re reputable.  The photographer worked so fast and was firing directions at me quicker than I could think.  I dread to think how they’ve come out but I’m just embracing the whole experience.  So I didn’t get nervous I channelled my very favourite actress, Dame Judi Dench.  I shall let you know how I get on but this time next year I could have been dressed as a zombie, been the face of incontinence pads and played the part of a tavern wench in a period piece.  This could be fun and it’s certainly not dull!

Move it sister

I’ve properly taken up running and am doing the NHS Couch to 5k with an old school friend.  Once training is complete we will be taking part in a ParkRun 5k.  Training is tough but I’m really enjoying it.  Lycra isn’t my friend but I pop the tunes on and pound the local lanes 3 times a week and am getting fitter and faster every time.  The last run I went on there was a very tiny moment where I actually felt like I was flying.  How cool is that!

I’m clearly searching for something, fun mainly and want my next 45 years to have purpose, adventure, love, laughter and fun.  So, the activities don’t stop there, I’m also looking to join Rock Choir as I do love to sing and have signed up for ballroom and latin dancing lessons starting in the Autumn.

If you have any other suggestions to add to my list, pop them on a postcard as this is also my year of saying yes.  I probably won’t put that in my Tinder profile, can you just imagine the messages I’d get!


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