Curly Wurly for breakfast

I’ve mentioned before that I was a bit of a babe back in the day,  but did I mention that I had the metabolism of an athlete and the abs to prove it?

Getting back to the old me is going to be a mammoth task and it’s definitely not all about what’s going on on the outside.  I’ve realised I need to take care of the inside too and that means looking at the dreaded d-word.

I should add that I have the willpower of a goldfish.  I start the day with “I will eat healthily” but by the time I’ve made one circuit of the fish bowl I’m hankering after a curly wurly.

I adore chocolate, frankly you’re a bit weird if you don’t, and a curly wurly is my bar of choice.  I once received a bouquet of curly wurlies and nearly pee’d myself with excitement.  I could also live on sandwiches, M&S Egg and tomato are my absolute favourite and don’t get me started on donuts.  But, and it’s a really big butt (couldn’t resist sorry), a curly wurly for breakfast is not a good idea and I must stop it if I want to look and feel the best I can.

I don’t believe diets work in the long term.  A daily decision to make sensible choices is what’s needed.

I know I look and feel so much better when I eat a varied diet of fresh veg, salad, fruit and lean meat and fish.   I actually love all things healthy believe it or not.  I could live on avocado, salad, salmon and water.  I don’t.  I should.  I could.  I haven’t.


Who’s with me?


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